Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moved to a new Blog: Light::Love::Passion

I have decided to start fresh. My intentions were good with this blog yet I have not nurtured it and it has really just been sort of sitting here. "Muir Aingeal"  "Sea Angel" when translated from Gaelic to english, was a screen name and such that I came up with right after my marriage broke up, when it was raw emotionally. This year, I changed my e-mail addresses and all with a fresh start for myself simply as just me "Ann". So I'm leaving what I have here instead of deleting it all. Come over to my new blog,which I believe the direction I have been seeking. You will see photos there on the side as here---simply dear to my heart. Growth & change are good. You will find me at Light::Love::Passion

Peace, light & love to all,


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